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We bring together 8 disciplines into an unique idea

The research team in the European CATART project comprises nine partners from six European countries: five universities, two research centre, one SME and one industrial partner. The SUPREN-SUstainable PRocess ENgineering Group in the Department of Chemical and Environment Engineering at the UPV/EHU's Faculty of Engineering -Bilbao is leading the project together with the University of Pavia (Italy), the University of Glasgow (UK), the University of Eindhoven (Netherlands) and the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands); the Max Planck Institute in Berlin (Germany); Chemify, the start-up company associated with the University of Glasgow that works on robotics and artificial intelligence; the department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Enginering at the National Institute of Chemistry; and the British company Johnson Matthey, which works mainly on the design and production of catalysts.

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