The challenge

The challenge

Fundamental questions we want to answer

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Which features (e. g. band-gap, CB/VB ratio, crystallinity) define a promising photocatalyst (for CO₂ reduction or H₂O splitting)?

2° Question

Which are key synthesis parameters / steps for tuning the above-mentioned features?

3° Question

Are all these parameters / steps reproducible in synthesis-robots? Among these, which ones can be very difficult or even impossible to reproduce?

4° Question

What catalytic experimental evidence or outputs (as from kinetics or spectroscopy) are needed for proper DFT modelling?


Overcoming scientific bottlenecks to revolutionize the field of chemicals production.


Luminescence Solar Concentrator – Photomicroreactor system built and adapted to photocatalytic needs


Quantum-dots designed for HO or CO photocatalysis band-gap/redox

Catalytic roles

Catalytic roles elucidated and control over photo-activity


Selective separation and photocatalysis in quantum dots

Reaction robot

Assembled, optimized and validated reaction robot


Fulfilled scientific, dissemination and management goals

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